About Us

We Work To Bring Your Requirements To Life!!


Why We Are ?

Leading provider of high-class end-to-end services across the entire spectrum of Real Estate, BIG REALTY’s comprehensive array of specialist end-to-end services in Real Estate, from Valuation to Planning and property management; Digital Surveys, Approvals, & Permissions, in matters relating to all types of properties from Flats to Plots, Villas, and Agriculture lands for residential and commercial properties, helps customers in buying and selling of all types of properties while mitigating the risks of real estate investment.

BIG REALTY further facilitates customer’s desire for construction by providing expert guidance with turn-key solutions in areas from designing to implementation and more.

In short, we are a unique ‘one-stop’ resource for all types of real-estate related services to investors, builders, and buyers, with assured end-to-end support and market-leading performance.


BIG REALTY’s wealth of expertise and range of services sets it apart from others of its ilk in the marketplace.

A fine team of skilled professionals are at the core of BIG REALTY’s success. Their far-sighted market insights and knowledge, adherence to the best practices and cutting-edge technologies, and ability to stay up-to-date with the latest trends from around the globe, have not only provided our customers value-for-money for their investment in our capabilities, but also enriched service experiences. Their approach all through is to bring exceptional value and service delivery to each customer we serve.


Our top-level real estate expertise in areas from Legal Certification to Market Research, Financial Services, & Sales / Support, and tailored to market trends, assures bespoke solutions to Investors, Builders, & Buyers.


By leveraging our services, Investors get access to high-return opportunities, whilst safeguarding their funds from real estate risk spectrum. The whole approach is to make investing as hassle-free as possible, while maximising returns.


Builder’s most valuable asset is image. At BIG REALTY, we make sure to provide quality services with strategic insights to battle against market odds, while identifying trends ahead of the curve and work towards creating a long-term reputation.


At BIG REALTY, we care about buyer’s real estate experience, by guiding them on the right way to satisfy their needs in a real estate property. The focus is on helping them explore and find the right property in the right place, whilst ensuring that their money does not end-up on the wrong side.


Built on trust and integrity, the cornerstone of our constant success, we always keep our clients at the heart of our business, offering sustained valued advice that allows them to always make better property decisions.

Looking to the future, we intend to continually strive to improve the way we conduct business and enhance our service delivery to meet the continual growing aspirations of our clients.