NSR Sanjeevani Vally

About NSR Sanjeevani

NSR Sanjivani Valley is named after the scenic and historic Sanjivani Konda, a hilly landscape and a forest area complemented by green fields and residential areas on all sides.

A new and intelligent urban ecosystem near Amaravathi, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh in the form of mixed-use developments integrating residential, recreational and leisure components. The region is transitioning into a more sustainable and liveable area through the progrssive rolling out of development activities over the last few years.


  • 10-acre parcels with clear title
  • Continuous stretch of massive land without gaps
  • Water Resources : Nagarjuna Sagar Main Canal is at a distance of 5 km., with a sub canal flowing along the boundary of the land bank
  • Ground Water Resources : 70% of the land with ground water at a depth of 125ft. - 175ft.
  • Predominantly red soil lands with small stones surrounded by Paddy, Amla, Mango and Sweet Lime farms
  • Natural scenic beauty with extensive landscapes and hills


  • Adventures
  • Wellness
  • Lifestyle
  • Fun