Location Highlights

The sight is located less than a kilometer away from orr at Manchirevula surrounded by its corner such as kokapet, financial district gachibowli. Most importantly this site has many natural characteristics. It is located aparted from the forest Manchirevula park and closely placed to osman sagar lake.Hence created living conditions with in approximate and well being.

  • Hyderabad has a tropical wet and dry climate and extending the existing forest into the sight reduces the overall temperature of sight at least 3 degree centigrade giving you cold, chilled summer evenings and cozy warm winter nights.
  • The wind from the apart forest and lake nearby creates a winternal effect causing wind to move faster into the proposed sight
  • Hence making the living places view and delightful one loses himself in this pleasant evening and glorious sunshine sitting in his big balconies.
  • The tent tress cover acts a buffer and prevents dust and pollution into the sight.
  • As architects we are inspired by the sight apartment the forest and extended the existing forest into the sight hence we call it as forest extension and people duel in the middle of the forest created by miyawaki method at the place all round is limited we introduce the miyawaki method of afforestation in this method we are encouraged to plant a lot of local forage one has the breathtaking paranormal view of the forest and lastly given footage all round dwelling unit.
  • Living non-stricken through the day surrounding forest introduces a natural living and seasonal changing colorful framework for the community to attract.
  • All the housing blocks have multiple balconies and viewpoints one can grow their own vegetable garden sufficient to the particular family in the balcony near to the kitchen area broadly from the culture.
  • The plot is completely surrounded by the forest all around.


  • A bali style club house hence the name the club into the woods the club address all the social and health needs of its community
  • One can enjoy all the infinity view of the forest swimming in the infinite pool its unique place feel alternate way life the nature itself will ensure a well being of the community